Tuesday, June 7, 2022

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Golf Cart

Carts were introduced to the game of golf in the 1950s. They originally conveyed golf players and their bags to the different holes on the golf course. However, today they are subject to other uses ranging from weekend road trips to beach rides and a means of local transportation. When buying a used or refurbished one, you should consider a few factors.

Golf carts could be powered by gas or batteries, so you should determine which of the two you’d prefer. Most gas-powered golf carts have higher acceleration rates than battery-powered or electric carts. However, gas-powered carts need more maintenance compared to electric or battery-powered carts.

One of the first things you should consider before buying a used electric golf cart is the batteries. You should check the batteries to ensure that they are functioning effectively. Electric carts need about four to six batteries to function optimally. You should check to know if the batteries are charging well, as this goes a long way in determining whether the cart will be able to crisscross the entire course without consistent charging.

The type of battery that the cart uses also determines how fast it accelerates. Upon full charge, a good battery will accelerate at 20 mph. It is important to note that buying a cart with bad batteries will cost you more in the long run, seeing you will need about $150 to replace each of them.

Consider the age of the golf cart. While several golf carts manufactured in the 80s and 90s still function well, you should note that spare parts for older models of golf carts are relatively harder to find.

Also, it might be more challenging to find a mechanic who is familiar and skilled in repairing older models of golf carts. This is coupled with the fact that older models of golf carts are more prone to regular maintenance and repairs.

While tires are not as expensive to replace compared to batteries, they are essential when buying a used golf cart. You can determine the quality of a tire merely by inspecting it physically. If the treads on the tire’s surface are shallow and if it has visible marks, likely, the tire might not be in perfect working conditions.

Asides from looking out for the performance and components of the golf cart, you should also be familiar with the various golf cart licensing procedures of the state you reside. You should also consider several other local bylaws or ordinances regulating the use of golf carts.

For instance, in some municipalities, you cannot ride golf carts except you make certain modifications to them. Some cities do not permit battery-powered or electric golf cars on their public roads. Similarly, you should check your golf course’s golf cart rules and specifications before purchasing your golf cart.

Finally, if you are getting a used or refurbished golf cart, you must ensure that you get it from a certified dealer. You should request the necessary paperwork and seek to know the cart’s usage history from the manufacturer.

The dealer should be able to provide the golf’s serial number or the manufacturer’s. With the serial number, you can determine the year the cart was manufactured and determine the model and make of the cart.

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Monday, May 9, 2022

First-Year Performance of the Top 5 Picks in the 2021 NFL Draft

The annual National Football League (NFL) Draft presents a chance for the top college players to realize their dream and for NFL teams to add players they believe can improve their roster. The 2021 NFL Draft was held in Cleveland, Ohio, from April 29 to May 1. Each of the top five players selected, in addition to several others, made an immediate impact in their rookie campaign.

After finishing the 2020 season with a win-loss record of 1-15, the Jacksonville Jaguars were granted the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The team selected Trevor Lawrence with the pick in hopes that the Clemson University product would become the team’s franchise quarterback. Lawrence, a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, played three seasons at Clemson and accumulated 10,098 passing yards, 90 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. Lawrence finished second in Heisman Trophy voting in 2020 and seventh in 2019.

While the addition of Lawrence didn’t help the Jaguars make the playoffs in 2021, the team did win two more games than it did in 2020. Lawrence started each of the team’s 17 games and finished the year with 3,641 passing yards, 12 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. He had a passing completion percentage of 59.6 and a quarterback rating of 71.9.

The New York Jets selected quarterback Zach Wilson with the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Wilson, who had 33 touchdowns and three interceptions and finished eighth in Heisman Trophy voting in his junior campaign at Brigham Young, started 13 games for the Jets in 2021.

Wilson fared slightly better than Lawrence with nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions with 2,334 passing yards. He also added 185 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. Like Lawrence, he only won three games as a starting quarterback last season.

The San Francisco 49ers selected quarterback Trey Lance with the third overall pick, marking the first time since 1999 that the first three picks were quarterbacks. A dual-threat, 6-foot-4 quarterback from Marshall, Minnesota, Lance played three seasons at North Dakota State and accumulated 30 passing touchdowns, 14 rushing touchdowns, 2,947 passing yards, and 1,325 rushing yards. Lance backed up 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in 2021. He appeared in six games and finished the season with five touchdowns and seven interceptions in addition to 603 passing yards and 168 rushing yards.

Tight end Kyle Pitts, selected fourth overall by the Atlanta Falcons, finished the season with 68 receptions for 1,026 yards and one touchdown. Pitts is one of only two rookie tight ends and the first since Mike Ditka in 1961 to exceed 1,000 yards receiving.

Fifth overall pick Ja’Marr Chase was unquestionably the most impressive first-year offensive player in the league in 2021. The LSU alumnus caught 81 passes for 1,455 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns in his first season with the Cincinnati Bengals. He came within 19 yards of breaking Bill Groman’s 1960 record for the most receiving yards by a rookie wide receiver and won the 2021 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year with an 84 percent share of the votes.

Other impressive first-year players in 2021 included quarterback Mac Jones (No. 15), offensive lineman Creed Humphrey (No. 63), and linebacker Micah Parsons (No. 12).

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

A Breakdown of NFL Contracts for First-Round Draft Picks

Players selected in the first round of the National Football League (NFL) Draft have earned more money increasingly on their first contracts in each of the last 10 years. Because of the rookie wage scale, the position at which a player gets drafted directly impacts how much money they can earn during a four-year rookie contract. However, the rookie contract system is incredibly complex and allows players drafted outside of the first round to earn pay increases in the latter years of their rookie contract.

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected former Clemson University quarterback Trevor Lawrence first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft and subsequently signed him to a four-year, fully guaranteed rookie contract worth $36.8 million. Lawrence received $24.1 million in signing bonuses and carried a salary cap of $6.7 million for the 2021 season. The first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Kyler Murray signed a rookie contract worth $35 million. Baker Mayfield, selected first overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2018, signed for $32.6 million. Cam Newton signed for $22 million in 2011.

In contrast, the top seven picks in the 2021 NFL Draft signed for more than $22 million. Second overall pick Zach Wilson signed with the New York Jets for $35.2 million, including $22.9 million in signing bonuses. Quarterback Trey Lance (No. 3), tight end Kyle Pitts (No. 4), and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase (No. 5) all signed contracts worth at least $30 million. Outside linebacker Joe Tryon, the last pick in the first round signed an $11.2 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While this might seem like a substantial amount, former first-round pick Byron Jones offered critical advice to players selected in the 2020 NFL Draft. Jones warned players not to overspend on lavish luxuries as they’ll pay between 40 and 50 percent of their first contract on taxes, union dues, retirement accounts, insurance, and agent fees. Jones also noted that some contracts are not guaranteed.

The only money players are guaranteed that aren’t drafted in the first round is their signing bonus. For instance, a player drafted in rounds 2-7 could have been cut from their team not long after signing but would have still been owed his signing bonus. However, he wouldn’t receive the additional money owed in annual salary.

NFL teams might be more willing to be patient with higher round picks given their pedigree and the amount of money they have invested, but players drafted in rounds two through seven need to perform well to earn a substantial raise on their next contract. As of 2020, players selected between the fourth and seventh rounds earned base salaries of less than $1 million through a four-year rookie contract.

Although players are locked into four-year contracts after being drafted, they can renegotiate their contracts following their third season. Conversely, teams can also exercise a fifth-year option on the player’s contract, but their salary is no longer tied to the draft position. If the player has earned multiple Pro Bowl selections, they will be paid a base salary at an average of the five highest annual salaries for their respective position.

Players can also receive a fifth-year salary boost if they earned one Pro Bowl selection, participated in at least 75 percent of offensive or defensive snaps in two of their first three seasons, or averaged at least 50 percent of snaps across all three seasons.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Need for Ethics in the Administration of Criminal Justice

Ethics are very fundamental in law, particularly in the criminal justice system. Ethics are the foundations upon which we have built a legal structure to determine acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in society. The strength of a criminal justice system is largely dependent on its value for ethics. Therefore, ethics are essential in accessing justice in any clime.

First off, law enforcement agencies play essential roles in the administration of criminal justice. Particularly, the police are usually the first point of call to the regular person in the administration of justice. The police are important because they are often at the forefront of safeguarding lives and property. Therefore, ethical standards must be strictly enforced within the police, and they must be reflected in their operations.

Ethics often determines how the police interact or relate to people it is determined to protect. When people are convinced that the police operate ethically, they are more likely to trust the police and cooperate in administering justice. For example, when people trust the police, they might get involved in crime prevention and assist the police in crime investigation.

Similarly, ethics also require that the police or other law enforcement personnel not shield or cover up a colleague who has acted illegally or violated professional ethics. For instance, the internal affairs officers must investigate, without bias, complaints regarding specific police officers.

Further, ethics are critical in how an attorney behaves or conduct themselves. It is expected that both the defense and prosecution attorneys behave ethically while representing their respective clients. For instance, the attorney for the prosecution will be said to have violated ethical standards if they do not take reasonable steps to ensure that the accused accesses an attorney.

Likewise, the defense attorney also has ethical responsibilities laid down by the American Bar Association. Defense attorneys must act in good faith while representing their clients before a judge. They should not lie or misrepresent facts before the court, seeing as perjury is a criminal offense. Therefore, there are no justifications for why an attorney should behave unethically.

Judges are also expected to behave ethically in the criminal justice system. The expectation placed on judges to conduct themselves ethically is relatively higher. Therefore, they are usually more careful about what they say, the kind of company kept, and the places they visit. Because they are expected to administer justice without any form of bias, they are often expected to be without flaw.

Consequently, ethics require the judiciary to be accountable to the public, seeing it’s the arm of government saddled with the responsibility of interpreting the law. Therefore, there are established judicial ethics that the public is required to utilize in holding judges accountable.

The role of citizens in the administration of criminal justice should not be overlooked. A criminal justice system will thrive, and crime will be reduced to the barest minimum if citizens consider themselves a part of the system and participate accordingly. The jury system is a critical mechanism through which citizens get involved in criminal justice administration.

Like other stakeholders in the criminal justice system, people called up to serve as jurors at trials are ethically bound and obligated to understand the trial’s facts and be familiar with the applicable laws. Ethics also require that they pay close attention to the trial proceedings and give fair verdicts.

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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Golf Cart

Carts were introduced to the game of golf in the 1950s. They originally conveyed golf players and their bags to the different holes on the ...